Our Beers

Bruny Island Beer Co. makes hand crafted ales that are open-fermented, naturally bottle-conditioned and preservative- free.

We are blessed to have some of the finest brewing ingredients in the world, right on our doorstep. We only ever use whole-cone hops grown in Australia’s oldest hop fields at Bushy Park, Tasmania. We select our grains from local farms and maltsters. We never filter or pasteurise our ales, so you can expect natural, living yeast sediment in the bottle.

Our beers are available on tap and in bottles through our Cellar Door on Bruny Island, our Hobart shop, through the Cheese Club and our online store as well as through selected stores, pubs and bars.


Dark Pale Ale

What defines a dark ale? The words literally reference one end of a colour spectrum, yet the idea of a dark beer often seem to carry a lot of baggage. We have crafted a challenge to any such preconceptions with our signature dark beer: a quaffable pale ale in drag.

On a base of Tasmanian Westminster malted barley, Oxymoron is also brewed with generous lashings of malted wheat and rye that deliver spicy flavours, a textural lift and a dry finish, balanced by rich Crystal and Munich malts. Hefty additions of Enigma, Cascade and Willamette hops grown at Bushy Park contribute a pungent melange of fruity, spicy and woody flavours and aromas.


Farm Ale

A proper Tasmanian Ale

Farm Ale is a unique beer made entirely with Tasmanian grain, hops and water. Our flagship session ale is pale golden and naturally hazy, with its assertive hop character balanced by a silky texture and sweet, nutty undertones. The foundation of this truly local ale is Westminster barley grown on farms in the Tasmanian midlands, oats from Kindred Organics in the coastal hills of the North-West and red wheat from fields overlooking the d’Entrecasteux Channel just up the road from us on Bruny Island.

Helga, Ella and Cascade hops grown in the Derwent Valley contribute tropical fruit and citrus notes on top of a refreshing bitterness. Farm Ale pairs well with 1792, our stinky washed rind cow's milk cheese.

Whey Stout

Whey Stout is inspired by the medicinal 'milk' stouts of Victorian England – enriched with lactose (refined milk sugar), they were prescribed for a wide range of ailments. In our case, getting the lactose involves carrying nearly 400 litres of cow's milk whey left over from making Raw Milk C2 to the brew kettle, 50 metres from the cheesery. Our ale yeast cannot digest the whey's lactose, meaning that it remains in the beer after fermentation and adds texture and sweetness. Whey Stout has a full-bodied, creamy mouthfeel and tastes smooth and roasty, with a slightly sweet, milk chocolate finish and just a hint of bitterness. For a great time, pair with Saint, our soft, white mould, cow's milk cheese.

Lighthouse Ale

Lower strength beers have not traditionally sat comfortably in the imaginations of craft beer drinkers or brewers. Low alcohol is presumed to be analogous with low flavour and thus life, some say, is too short to drink light beer. We believe it is time for this perception to change. Lighthouse Ale is named after the famous Cape Bruny Lighthouse, which has stood on the edge of the wild Southern Ocean since 1838. Robust malty flavours are balanced by firm bitterness in this dark amber ale. Late additions of three Tasmanian aromatic hop varieties deliver subtle fruity and floral notes. We hope that our Lighthouse Ale can be a shining beacon of flavour that defies the sea of conformity.