Tasmanian Artisan Cheese

Tasmanian Artisan Cheese

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This year we have teamed up with several of the truly amazing Tasmanian artisan cheesemakers in this beautiful state to showcase the fantastic diversity and quality of local cheeses. We’ve paired the selection with one of our most popular condiments so you can instantly make a very impressive cheese platter. This hamper is truly perfect for entertaining friends in the lead-up to Christmas Day, or to please everyone in your family for a big get-together.


Tongola make incredible Goat cheese from their herd of Swiss Toggenburg goats on their farm in Bream Creek, southern Tasmania. We've been selling their cheese at our local Hobart Store for years and it has quite a following. We thought it was about time that we included it in a Christmas offer.

The cheese has a delicate bloomy rind (hence the name). It’s similar to a camembert, is much cleaner in flavour. The mould and different cultures produce a unique and mild flavour, which alters as it matures. Like most cheeses it is best served at room temperature so pull it out an hour before serving.


We've got a blue for you! This one is from our friends at Coal River Farm, and it's one of my personal favourites. Zingy, and creamy. Try it on a cracker with some spiced peaches. This is a blue cheese that is fantastically mild (it won't hit you over the head with that big 'blue' flavour) it's got a smooth and creamy texture and it is subtle and tangy.


We recently discovered some of the amazing cheeses from this Venezualan-style cheesery located Northern Tassie. This dairy farm is owned by a lovely husband and wife team, who are both vets from Venezuala, who fell head over heels in love with Tassie.

The Fluffy cow is a traditional French-style white mould cheese. It is the result of a combination of French bloomy rind cheese recipes. It exhibits a rustic rind, covering a rich and creamy cheese with a firm middle.  It delivers nicely balanced mushroomy, nutty, buttery, and garlicky notes.


This is one of my all time favourite pickles. I love it with everything, especially hard cheese and in toasties for the kids! Great with cold cuts too.


This is an outright people pleaser and a great addition to any cheese platter! The sweetness from the apple balances beautifully with the unique spice of the pepperberry - creating a flavour that's as interesting as it is delicious.


We've been looking for a great Lavosh to offer you guys as part of a cheese club for sometime now and this collaboration between Tasman Sea Salt and a local deli in Hobart has provided us with the solution! This is pretty great, all you want in a cheese cracker with just enough of a sprinkling of Tasmanian Sea Salt!

If any particular product becomes unavailable due to seasonal demand, we will substitute for one of equal or greater value.  

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