Adopt-a-Saffron C2 (Deposit)

Adopt-a-Saffron C2 (Deposit)

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Get ready to brighten your gloomy mid-winter with a sunshine injection of vibrant yellow, aromatic cheese.

One of the things I love about what we do is we get to collaborate with other local artisans. This cheese is a great example of that. Nikki and Terry Noonan of Tas-Saff were the first in Tasmania to grow saffron on their farm in the Huon Valley. The saffron is picked by hand, thread by thread, dried and then steeped for 24 hours before being added to the milk to make cheese.

C2 is our flagship cheese. It was the first raw milk cheese made in Australia, and of all the cheeses we make, this is the one we're the most proud of. Adding infused saffron creates a cheese that is truly amazing.

This cheese is very aromatic and richly coloured from the saffron. You will see flecks of the beautiful yellow saffron from Tas-Saff throughout the cheese, and you can expect the saffron flavour to be quite prominent as the cheese will be young, at 120 days of age.

We are offering both whole wheels and quarter wheels, so don't miss this opportunity for your very own Saffron C2! Each whole wheel will weigh around 4kg. (they are hand-made so the weight of each wheel differs slightly). To secure your adoption, we just need an initial deposit of $300 for whole wheels, or $100 for quarter wheels. The final cost, will be determined by the weight of the cheese. The price is $150 per kg so you can expect it to come out around $600 for whole or $150 for quarter, depending on the final weight of your wheel.

These cheeses will be made this month, and are expected to be ready for delivery in early September.

We will reach out to you for your shipping info and the remainder of your adopt-a balance in early September, once your cheese has been weighed.

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