McHenry Sloe Gin 700ml

McHenry Sloe Gin 700ml

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Hard core Gourmet Farmer viewers may remember we made sloe gin a few years ago. We like to think it started something in Tasmania, as since then, there are a few commercial distillers that have run with the idea. The best of the pack is undoubtedly William McHenry on the Tasman Peninsular. He collects sloes from the hedgerows that line the backroads around Evandale - an awful job, given how prickly the bushes are - and steeps them in gin with a little sugar for about six months. This is the first release of the 2014 batch. It is dark, deep red in colour and has a plummy, earthy nose. Great as an after dinner tipple, it is also a terrific twist on the classic gin and tonic.

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