Easter Brunch Box

Easter Brunch Box

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We put together a bunch of our favourite things for the Easter Long Weekend!
You have all the ingredients for a gourmet Easter brunch spread in this box – simply pick up some of your favourite bread, or some easter buns and eggs for a fry-up and you’ll be all set with a fabulous cheese spread and a few of our favourite items for a great big brekky!

Tom Portion 250g

Tom has a semi-hard, natural rind. Not all that tricky in terms of cheese making, this is our hard cheese that gets all its flavour from its natural rind. Tom is savoury and moreish. He like being rubbed. 

 ODO 180g

 It stands for One Day Old and that is what it is. A simple curd cheese that is simply drained overnight, lightly salted and then when it is only a day old is marinated in olive oil flavoured with garlic, chilli, black pepper and chives. Perfect on an antipasto plate, stirred through hot pasta or crumbled over grilled vegetables.

 Our Quince paste tub 120g

This quince paste is made using quince from Christ Whisby's farm. It is SO good with both the George and the ODO and it adds a wonderful touch of sweetness.

Tasmanian Biscuit Co' Parmesan and Pepperberry Crackers 130g

This fabulously moreish cracker is superb served as part of a platter. These crackers have are full of flavour and they have an amazing soft crunch texture, that makes them the ideal cheese vehicle!

Coal River Farm Filled Chocolate Eggs (assorted)

These are not your ordinary sickly sweet, hollow supermarket chocolates. These filled chocolate eggs in an array of flavours and colours are the perfect 'please everyone' option for the Easter long weekend. Made with high-quality couverture chocolate from our friends in the Coal River - everyone will be able to enjoy a favourite flavour whether they love dark, white, or milk chocolate!

 Boks Streaky Bacon 180g

 Dry cured bacon, Tasmanian pork, smokey and delicious! The team at Boks have been makin' bacon for as long as we have been making cheese. It is rarely seen outside of Tasmania because the local know a good thing when they taste it and snap it all up. Get some while you can.

 Meander Valley Salted Cultured Butter 200g

One day we will be able to offer you our own butter but, until then though, let me tell you about this amazing stuff This butter is richly flavoured but super clean on the tongue, it starts with a smack of salt and finishes with a creaminess that lingers forever. Great just on bread by itself but it will also lift any dish you add it to. Try it on some sourdough with Our Lemoncurd - or fry up the bacon in this box with it.


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