The Classic Bruny Cheese Box

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This hamper is the ultimate combination of two of our favourite cheeses, and two of our favourite condiments! We thought we'd throw together some of your all-time favourites and create this box - it's the perfect thing to tuck into on those frosty winter nights. We've combined a classic and delicious hard cheese, George, with our delightfully soft O.D.O, which has been marinated in fresh seasonal herbs.

The house-made condiments are incredibly popular at our cheesery. We're constantly re-stocking the shelves with these two: our famous bread & butter pickle is delightful with George you can make yourself a very gourmet Ploughman's sandwich, and the beetroot relish has the perfect amount of acidity to cut through the richness of the cheese. We've also included some Tasman sea salt lavosh, so you're all set for a delicious cheese platter!

George 200g

Is a classic hard cheese that pretty much gets along with everything and everyone. George is a semi-hard cheese, that we age for 5 months until the curd is super savoury, but still pretty moist. We love this cheese for it's deeply satisfying flavour and texture. It's definitely one for hard cheese lovers.

O.D.O. 190g

It stands for One Day Old and that is what it is. A simple curd cheese that is simply drained overnight, lightly salted and then when it is only a day old is marinated in olive oil flavoured with garlic, chilli, black pepper and chives. Perfect on an antipasto plate, stirred through hot pasta or crumbled over grilled vegetables. We love this in our house crumbled over roasted veg or on top of pizza (on the island we serve it on pizza) 

Our Bread & Butter Pickle 270g

We can hardly keep up with making this pickle at Cellar Door because it's just so great with everything we make. This is one of my all time favourite pickles. I love it with everything, especially hard cheese and in toasties for the kids! Great with cold cuts too.

Our Beetroot & Onion Relish 270g

Cheese and beetroot are a perfect marriage of flavours and the hit of spice in this relish is spot on. Caz's pickling recipe is simple and delicious - locally grown beetroot and onions, with those big earthy flavours making a great accompaniment to a cheese and charcuterie platter. 

Tasman Sea Salt Lavosh 150g

This is pretty great, all you want in a cheese cracker with just enough of a sprinking of Tasmanian Sea Salt! Perfect for dunking into our condiments too.

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