2022 Pinot Braggot - Pinot Braggot Aged Metric Braggot

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We made a braggot and barrel-aged it in Tassie Pinot Noir barrels! This is really something special and unique. Imagine a refined hybrid between a mead, a beer and a wine - so basically a trifecta of deliciousness right here! 9.9% a/v Braggot is an ancient style of honey and malted barley ale with its origins in the Celtic brewing cultures of the British Isles. This is the grown-up rather sophisticated older cousin to last year's whisky-barrel aged braggot. Brewed using the last runnings (the weaker wort collected at the end of the brew) from Metric Stout. We added a generous amount of summer blossom honey from our friends at Bruny Island Honey up the road before fermentation. Post ferment we transferred the beer into Pinot Noir barrels and repitched it with various strains of Brettannomyces Bruxellensis, we then left it for 24 months, to age like a fine wine. There is a lot going on in this brew! Aged for 24 months in Pinot Noir barrels this tipple is velvety black with delicious honey overtones, combiend with vinous character from the barrel, to deliver a unique and complex beer. This beer is elegantly presented in a 750ml corked and caged bottle and is ready to drink now, but will mature gracefully with careful cellaring for many years. Our 2022 Metric Pinot Barrel Aged Braggot is a super limited release, that we've been ageing for some time - it pairs beautifully with Saint, and it makes for the PERFECT Winter Warmer!

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