Glen Huon Farm Update

This project means so much to us, and we know as our supporters it means lots to you too!

As we develop the dairy, our herd of lovely ladies and the farm at Glen Huon we'll update this page with all the exciting things that are happening.

Check out out latest video below to meet some of the girls!

August 2017


July 2017



April 2017

Everything is happening all at once!

The plans for a gorgeous timber clad dairy are in with council and fingers crossed our building permit will arrive in a matter of days!  Then it's full steam ahead with the building as the cows are pregnant and will shortly be on their way!

We have 10 Dairy Shorthorns, 14 Normandes and 30 Brown Swiss all due to arrive in May - all pregnant and needing their home to be ready!


March 2017

The first of our film clips giving you updates of the progress we're making at Glen Huon farm creating our new dairy.

We're so excited to be able to share this with you all and thrilled that you're coming along for the journey with us.

We look forward to sharing our news with you all!