2021 Wolf Release IV - Lark Distillery 500ml

2021 Wolf Release IV - Lark Distillery 500ml

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It's back! This highly coveted seasonal release from Lark certainly doesn't disappoint. Snap one up while you can. For four years running, Lark has shared a vision with friends across the pond — handcrafting modern tipples distinct in quality, flavour and character. Lark send them whisky casks, they age their Johnny Smoke Porter in them and Lark then use the casks to finish this beast of a release. This year’s comes from our Bothwell Distillery, handpicked because it lifts and freshens any finish — even one as dark and brooding as Johnny. 'The Wolf Release series' is the result of a unique exchange of ideas, passion and whisky barrels between Lark Distillery and Wolf of the Willows Brewing Co This very special whisky comes beautifully presented in a stunning box that your Dad (or yourself!) are sure to treasure.

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