Amber Harvest Honey - Mountain Lilac

Amber Harvest Honey - Mountain Lilac

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Mountain Lilac is a widespread plant that resides in our wet forests. Its leaves have a minty smell when crushed. Mountain Lilac honey has a distinctive, rich, fragrant aroma, with complex caramel notes and a touch of delightful bitterness. Another common name for the plant from which this honey is gathered is Christmas Mint Bush. Amber Harvest is a family owned Tasmanian business that produces quality, organic, raw honey collected from our own hives. Like all bee keepers, they have a fascination of bees and the synergistic relationship between humans, bees and the environment that has developed over the centuries. As a small apiary, they give much care and attention to all aspects of our beekeeping; from milling non-native timber off our property to build their own beehives; caring for the bees organically without the use of antibiotics; harvesting and extracting the honey without the addition of heat; to finally crafting their delicious, jar set honey.

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