Sud Polaire Hobart Cocktail - Whisky Old-Fashioned 100ml

Sud Polaire Hobart Cocktail - Whisky Old-Fashioned 100ml

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The 'Hobart' is a whisky old fashioned - that's ready to drink, from Sud Polaire a NYTimes featured bar, located in Salamanca, Hobart. This is a true cocktail for lovers of fine whisky. You can also choose to sip it neat, have it on the rocks - or even dilute it with a little soda water for a delicious, refined smoky whisky cocktail. This whisky old fashioned has been expertly blended and bottled in Tasmania - using house-made spirits. Each bottle contains 1.8 standard drinks and is suited for a cocktail hour in the comfort of your own home. These are natural products, without added preservatives or filtration to retain maximum flavours and quality in the cocktail. Some sediment may be visible in the bottom of the bottle due to this - so give it a shake before consuming. Chill, shake and enjoy - cin cin!

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