McHenry Federation Gin 700ml

McHenry Federation Gin 700ml

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The latest gin from our favourite gin maker in Tasmania (Bill McHenry) this gin is inspired by the bounty of our antipodean flora. This unique gin combines botanicals from every Australian state and territory - Kakadu Plum (NT - Santalum Acuminatum), Lemon Myrtle (QLD - Backhousia Citriodora), Strawberry Gum (NSW - Eucalyptus Olida), Mountain Pepperleaf (ACT - Tasmania Lanceolata), Cinnamon Myrtle (VIC - Backhousia Myrtifolia), Celery Top Pine (TAS - Phyllocladus Aspleniifolius), Wattle Seed (SA - Acacia Spp), Quandong (WA - Santalum Acuminatum)

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