Troublesmiths Whisky Scented Candle in a Can

Troublesmiths Whisky Scented Candle in a Can

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This whisky scented candle smells seriously good! It's a perfect gift for the whisky-lover in your life, or for someone who appreciates seriously good scents.

A little bit oaky and woodsy, a little bit sweet and spicy, this is one of my favourite candles. Sitting in our office (which is often filled with super ripe cheeses!) I enjoy lighting these to freshen the place up, and boy, does it work.

Troublesmiths is a youth social enterprise powered by positivity and hard work. The team is made up of 15-24 year olds who are at risk of long term unemployment; but who have taken their futures into their own hands and volunteered to work inexchange for skill development, support, and good vibes! We love what these guys are producing and are passing on 100% of the proceeds of these sales directly to Troublesmiths. 

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