Wellington Apiary Honey - Leatherwood

Wellington Apiary Honey - Leatherwood

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This honey is ochre yellow with a spicy, distinctive taste that is uniquely Tasmanian. Quite simply, it is outstanding! Texturally luscious, cold extracted leather wood honey from Robin O'Brien at Wellington Apiaries. The Leatherwood tree is native to Tasmania, producing small, white, strongly scented flowers during late summer. Leatherwood honey is so distinctive it has been included in the Slow Food International Ark of Taste (an international society that recognises rare, endangered and culturally significant foods). Wellington Apiary was started on the principles of producing honey that reflects the flora of Hobart and surrounding vegetation. This philosophy has continued with all varieties of honey production. Wellington Apiary honey is not heated at any stage of extraction or bottling, ensuring all the natural goodness remains. This honey is organically produced, cold extracted and coarse filtered, allowing all the pollen, flavours and aromas to be retained - resulting in pure raw Tasmanian Honey, just as the bees made it.

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