Christmas Cheese Hamper

Christmas Cheese Hamper

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This year's number one gift for the cheese lover in your family. Our chosen selection of four complementary cheeses make an instant cheese platter to share...or not. Saint - our beloved delicate white mould cheese, 1792 - the obligatory washed rind goodness, Raw Tom - everyone's favourite semi-hard cheese, and O.D.O. - fresh and delicious, are accompanied by a tub of our Spiced Cherries and a jar of our Bread & Butter Pickle.

SAINT 160g

In the central plateau of France there are a number of cheeses that are all named after the local Saints. Like our Saint, they are all surface ripened, soft oozy cheeses with a light bloom on the rind – not a thick carpet of single strain white mould found on more commercial cheeses. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate, or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.

1792 160g

1792 - It was the year the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil and this very French, very pungent little cheese, matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, celebrates what could have been. It is made in the traditional method – its pinky-orange rind the result of being regularly hand-washed in brine, encouraging the surface bacteria that give this cheese its complex flavour and aroma. Great with cider, ale or a meaty pinot. 

RAW TOM 130g

Raw Tom is a simple cheese, and yet encapsulates the two things critical to great cheese - fantastic milk, and real maturation techniques. On the outside is a dry, natural rind that is developed over a few months of ageing. On the inside is just pure milk, reflecting what the cows are eating through the seasons.

O.D.O 160g

It stands for One Day Old and that is what it is. A simple curd cheese that is simply drained overnight, lightly salted and then when it is only a day old is marinated in olive oil flavoured with garlic, chilli, black pepper and chives. Perfect on an antipasto plate, stirred through hot pasta or crumbled over grilled vegetables.


This is one of my all time favourite pickles. I love it with everything, especially hard cheese and in toasties for the kids! Great with cold cuts too.


We would get letters if we stopped making our Spiced Cherries. They are also one of our most popular products in Cellar Door. They are made from Bruny Island cherries and pickled in a sweet, spiced pinot noir vinegar. The trick is to age them – these have been laid down for a few months and are really hitting their straps right now. If you have not tried them before, you are in for a treat. Serve them with any of our cheeses for a beautiful accompaniment.

If any particular product becomes unavailable due to seasonal demand, we will substitute for one of equal or greater value.  

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