McHenry Classic Dry Gin 700ml

McHenry Classic Dry Gin 700ml

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It scares me how much I like gin. With tonic is obligatory but when the gin is this good, I also like to sip it straight. Bill McHenry is typical of so many great producers in Tasmania in how he seamlessly metamorphosed from an executive into an artisan. His distillery, the southern most in Australia, is where he makes this gin as well as vodka and a pretty decent whiskey. But, for my money, the gin is his best. It's not at all rough or spirit like the bad stuff, instead it is packed-full of flavour from all the botanicals he uses. Citrus peel is present and balanced with a small amount of star anise, coriander seeds, cardamon and orris root all beautifully balanced with the juniper. This is a lesson in how good gin can be.

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