Shelduck Farm Pepperberry Oatcakes

Shelduck Farm Pepperberry Oatcakes

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These oatcakes start with a love story. When working in Galloway Scotland, Sally who hand makes these delicious oatcakes, fell in love with a Scotsman as well as the taste and history of the iconic oatcake. She loved them so (both) much, that when she moved to a farm in Tasmania with her Scottish husband, she decided to make her own oatcakes. A friend's grandmother gave her a family recipe. This is it. The recipe, originating in the Orkney Islands, has been passed down over the generations from mother to daughter. These are a must-try for the oatcake fan. For a uniquely Tasmanian twist and a hint more flavour, Sally added in some Tasmanian pepperberry from her farm, and these match perfectly with a creamy cheese, such as our Saint. Each one is hand-stamped by Sally with a duck (the emblem of the farm).

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