Dark + Delicious Beer Pack (8 pack)

Dark + Delicious Beer Pack (8 pack)

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Our mixed dark case special is a celebration of big, roasty and delicious dark beers. You (or the lucky recipient) will be getting two each of Oxymoron, Whey Stout, Bruny Black and Fresh Hop.

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x 2 Oxymoron Dark - 500ml bottle 

Oxymoron is our signature dark ale – or is it a pale ale disguised as a dark? Does it matter if you drink it with your eyes closed? Either way, Oxymoron straddles the gulf between pale and dark and is every bit as intriguing as it sounds, with spicy rye notes meeting pungent, fruit-driven hop aromas. 5.5% a/v

x 2 Bruny Black - 500ml bottle

Pouring a reddish-tinged black, this beer offers ample malt-driven flavours of freshly roasted coffee, toffee, and toast intertwined with citrus, spice, and plum notes from Tasmanian-grown Cascade and Ella hops. A robust bitterness emerges late, lingering along with a drying note of roasted barley, making for a complex, yet superbly quaffable drink 5.5% a/v

x 2 Whey Stout - 500ml bottle

Whey Stout is a roasty milk stout enriched with lactose from our very own organic cow’s milk whey left over after cheese making. Our brewer’s yeast cannot digest the lactose sugar, meaning that it stays behind in the beer and enhances the sweetness and texture. 5.8% a/v.

x 2  Fresh Hop
For our fresh hop beer this year we used 75Kg of the freshest most juicy Cascade hops imaginable; picked the day before at Bushy Park. Combined with a robust dark malty grain bill this year's Fresh hop has an upfront juicy hop character balanced with big dark malts finished off with a lingering bitterness that makes you want to go back for more 5.4% a/v


This is the perfect box for any beer lover!

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