Coal River Farm Leatherwood Honey Honeycomb (dark) 60%

Coal River Farm Leatherwood Honey Honeycomb (dark) 60%

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We have a really tough job here. We get to sample all manner of new and interesting locally made products including these chocolate coated leatherwood honeycombs from Coal River Farm. These are made using Leatherwood honey which is endemic to Tasmania, as it can only be made from nectar from the Leatherwood trees’ flower. It has a distinctive taste - that some say is representative of the Tasmanian wilderness where the honey comes from, balsamic, citrussy, buttery with a slight spice and floral notes. This honeycomb is rich and decadent, and coated in premium couverture dark chocolate in some very funky organic shapes. Perfect for the honey or chocolate-lover in your life!

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