Our Cheeses

The cheeses we make are the cheeses we love to eat. Founder Nick Haddow travelled and trained throughout the great cheese producing regions of France, Italy, Spain, the US and the UK. Although he is inspired by the artisan cheeses from his travels, he does not seek to copy them. Instead, we want to make cheeses that are connected to the environment in which they are made ... cheeses with a distinctly Tasmanian character. We are passionate about traditional techniques. We feel that great cheese is made firstly in the field, then the vat and finally in the maturing room. We encourage variation that reflects the changes on the farm and across the seasons. We feel strongly about the use of unpasteurised milk.

We reckon cheesemaking is a serious business ... but eating cheese should always be fun.


Milk: cow; type: washed rind, matured on Huon Pine

It was the year that the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil and this very French, very pungent little cheese, matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, celebrated what could have been. It is made in the traditional method - its pinky orange rind the result of being regularly hand washed in brine, encouraging the surface bacteria to give this cheese it's complex flavour and aroma.


Milk: cow; type: hard, natural rind

Tom is a simple guy. He is in the tradition of the Tomme cheeses made in the mountainous French Savoie region. He is not complicated by tricky cheese making or complex maturation techniques - a cheese of simple integrity to be left on the table and eaten everyday. On the outside he has a natural grey rind that develops over five months of ageing. On the inside, he is really just great milk. Tom is a fast maturing hard cheese that shows both freshness and developed characteristics. He gets along famously with everyone. Tom likes being rubbed.

Raw Milk c2

Milk: cow; type: hard, cooked curd

C2 is the sort of cheese found throughout the mountains of France and northern Italy. A classic cooked curd cheese made in traditional wooden hoops. C2 matures for 6 - 12 months, during which time it develops a sweet aroma and a mildly nutty flavour. The rind is wiped every week to encourage the surface bacteria that provide this cheese with much of its robust integrity.


Milk: cow; type: soft, white mould

In the central plateau of France there are a number of cheeses that are all named after the local Saints. Like our Saint, they are all surface ripened, soft oozy cheeses with a light bloom on the rind - not a thick carpet of single strain white mould found on more commercial cheeses. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate, or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.


Milk: cow; type: Fresh, wrapped in prosciutto

This cheese celebrates two of Italy's most ancient of gastronomic cornerstones - cheese and cured pork. It is a simple fresh cheese wrapped in locally made Prosciutto. It is meant to be cooked first before eating. After baking in a hot oven for 15 minutes, serve with a simple salad and a glass of local wine.


Milk: Cow; type: Semi-hard, natural rind

George is a semi-hard cheese that we age for 5 months until the curd is super savory but still pretty moist. We love this cheese for it's deeply satisfying flavour and texture. It's definitely one for hard cheese lovers.


Milk: cow; type: soft, pinot-washed in vine leaves

OEN (from the word oenology) is a true labour of love; a washed-rind, cow's milk cheese, washed in Pinot Noir before being wrapped in vine leaves to be carefully matured. The vine leaves protect the cheese and create a moist surface which encourages the flavour development. When mature, OEN's rind becomes pungent and the texture becomes soft and fudgey.


Milk: cow; type: fresh, marinated in olive oil

It stands for One Day Old and that's what it is; a simple, fresh cheese that relies inherently on the quality of our milk to deliver its flavour. Eat it on good bread with olive oil, crumble it through hot pasta or grill it on a pizza. It has a relatively low salt content and a strong lactic acid flavour. ODO is marinated in olive oil with fresh garlic, roasted red capsicum and herbs.


Milk: cow; type: semi-hard, herb infused

We have wanted to make this cheese for a couple of years but have only just now lined up all our ducks. It is really inspired by a fabulous sheep’s milk cheese from Corsica which is matured in a kind of ‘compost’ made from the local herbs. Our version also has a thick layer of herbs on the rind and has been matured for just shy of a month. The aroma is heady with the herbs and lavender flowers and the flavour is complex with savoury, herby notes.

Cheese Celebration Cake

We get loads of requests for these each year and we think they look fantastic.

We can work with any budget and send these anywhere in Australia for you to assemble. We will custom make wheels of cheese for you and can carve names/dates into these wheels.

Contact us for more information.