Our People

Nick Haddow

Nick's obsession with great cheese started when he was given a bucket of fresh goat's milk whilst working as a chef in South Australia's Eden Valley.

Since then, cheese has taken him around the world before it eventually landed him on the stunningly beautiful Bruny Island in southern Tasmania. Through Bruny Island Cheese Co he has championed artisan cheese in Australia and is a passionate advocate for Raw Milk Cheese (which he is happy to rant on about, any chance he gets). Read Nick's full bio here.


Halsey Swetzoff


Halsey is a graduate of the University of Vermont and the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (VIAC). Halsey and his partner Tess moved from Vermont in 2011 to join Nick and the Bruny Island Cheese Co. making cheese and in the process discovered the beauty of Tasmania. A brief return to the USA in 2015 to make raw milk cheese at Uplands Cheese Co in Wisconsin yielded the distinction of earning his Cheesemaker's license (this exists!). Halsey has since returned to Bruny Island to carry on his mission. Halsey is a firm believer in real cheese made from non-homohenizes and when possible raw milk. Halsey loves to experiment utilizing the seasonal variation in the milk (and beer and spirits from friends!) to make small special batches released through our cheese shop in Hobart. Halsey's favorite thing about cheesemaking is that no two days can ever be the same because the milk will always be different - based on the years weather, the herd, the pasture and many more factors. Halsey's day always begins by tasting raw milk early in the morning, taking his daily notes and then deciding what to make with it. Halsey loves cheese.

Favourite cheese: Raw milk C2, or 1792 ... I can't choose

Favourite beer: Farm Ale is my standard go-to ... but really anything wild and woolly Evan is making seasonally.

Favourite bakery item: John's wood-fired pizza fresh out of the oven, with extra fresh garlic.


Evan Hunter


Evan discovered his passion for making beer as a poor and thirsty University of Tasmania student. Several years and many homebrews later, he landed his first brewing job assisting Willie Simpson at Seven Sheds Brewery, Meadery and Hop Garden. Evan continued working at Seven Sheds part-time for several years even as he took on full-time work, first making whisky and other spirits at Lark Distillery and then as a brewer at Moo Brew.

In 2014, Evan's ambition to embark on a new brewing project led to a meeting with Nick Haddow, founder of Bruny Island Cheese Co. Evan and Nick's shared enthusiasm for fermentation culminated in a brewery being built out the back of the cheese making rooms at Great Bay, Bruny Island. Bruny Island Beer Co. launched its first beer, Farm Ale, in February 2016. Evan considers brewing a great way of adding value to raw ingredients grown by Tasmanian farmers. Evan finds inspiration in the hops, barley, wheat, oats, honey, fruit, micro-organisms and native plants that thrive in Tasmania's mild climate.

For Evan, the best thing about working in a brewery is that there's always a beer to look forward to at the end of a hard day's work.

Favourite beer: Farm Ale

Favourite cheese: Raw Milk C2 and whatever Halsey is experimenting with.

Favourite bakery item: Fresh sourdough, straight from the oven, with a slab of good butter.